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I am a Senior Motion Graphic Designer with American Greetings Interactive; the world’s leader in eCard design. I have been working in digital design for more than 25 years, with an extensive background in traditional and digital art. My years of exchanging ideas with other talented artists have given me a wealth of experience and creativity. 

I am also a seasoned freelance artist. My skill set allows me to conceptualize, design and animate a variety of projects both collaboratively and independently. Many of my animations are created by using a combination of copy, illustrations, designs, hand lettering and videos. My ability to add motion and special effects is key to moving a story from it’s concept to life. 

Software I use:

Adobe Creative Suite with an emphasis on Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects:

  • I design and create illustrations using Photoshop
  • I create and edit vector files with Illustrator
  • I add motion and special effects with After Effects

My Strength:
Adding motion to conceptual, artistic ideas.

My Passion:
Continuing to share my artistic talent with others.

My Goal:
Giving life to your unique and creative concepts.

Interested in a project? Contact me.